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Here's Nick Perdomo's best advice on selecting, storing and smoking the finest handmade cigars available


Selecting a premium cigar from any of Nick's Humidor must be done with the utmost care.

  • Make sure your choice cigar has been properly stored.

  • Make sure to chose a cigar according to your taste and it's length and ring size.

  • Make sure to chose the cigar according to the food, spirits, or activities you will be enjoying.


Storing a cigar especially from Nick's Humidor must be done with care and diligence. Remember that cigars are living objects.
  • The selected humidor must have a tight fitting lid.

  • If the humidor is lined with Spanish Cedar, it must be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge because Spanish cedar is extremely absorbent. If this type of wood isn't properly prepared it will take moisture away from the cigar.

  • The humidity percentage inside the humidor must be between 68% and 72%. Any lower than 68% the cigars will dry out and smoke very hot, and taste bitter. Any higher than 72% the cigar will constantly go out and be difficult to get a good draw on.

  • It is important to consider having a Hygrometer inside the humidor. This will make the control of the humidity easier. The best kinds are digital hygrameters because dial hygrometers are unreliable after some time.

  • If a smoker is storing over 200 cigars, it is time to start thinking about refrigeration. Over this amount of cigars the danger of having bugs (tobacco beetles) is quite high. They can't harm humans, but they can damage the quality and integrity of the cigars.


This is the best part of cultivating cigars. Experimenting with different blends and wrappers. Perdomo cigar smokers can taste cigars from six different cigar lines and three different wrappers produced in Nicaragua with the utmost care and supervision by Nick Perdomo himself.
  • Cutting: A cigar should be cut with a very sharp blade, whether it is done with a guillotine cutter or a punch cutter. It must be done at the shoulder (just above the line of the cap). Anywhere below that line and the smoker will have a mouth full of tobacco. That 1/4 inch of the wrapper holds the whole structure together!

  • Lighting: The best way to light a cigar is to use either a torch lighter (which is sure to light the cigar evenly) or cedar matches. When using matches remember that it's important to light the entire edge around the cigar.