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ITEM #1365     Cigar Caddy 10 cigar travel case
Keep your cigars fresh and moist in this airtight travel humidor. The Cigar Caddy by Otter Box TM protects your cigars in any situation. Safeguards your cigars in any type of luggage; even soft-sided. Great for protecting your cigars when golfing, boating, hunting, fishing, or any outdoor adventure. All sizes come with protective foam for individual cigar protection. Along with a Humidification device and a Airtight foam silicone seal with a Lockable case.All Cigar cases are guaranteed to protect cigars to water depths of 100 feet. Keeps cigars moist and fresh for the perfect smoking experience. The Capacity is 10 Cigars. Dimensions: 8.80" x 5.18" x 3.08"

Final Price: $39.95

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