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ITEM #3264     Davidoff ?Prestige? Brown Porcelain Ashtray (Handcrafted by Hutschenreuther)
Davidoff Porcelain Ashtrays are masterpieces of timeless beauty. Made exclusively for Davidoff by renowned German or French porcelain manufacturers, are individually handpainted with decorative borders with our signature logo in genuine gold. Through a fascinating transformation process, natural raw materials become a shimmering and beautiful shining porcelain. The high fire temperatures ensure an immaculate surface of everlasting beauty and will add a special touch to any room. These large ashtrays are made in Germany and command a presence on any table. Perfect for a centerpeice in the boardroom or den, these exquisite ashtrays are a 'must have' accessory. Each color is perfectly accented with matte gold and each ashtray has a padded base. Dimensions 11 4/5 x 8 1/2 x 1 2/5?

Final Price: $520.00

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