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ITEM #3938     Eric Stokkebye 4 th Generation Bent Sandblast
Eric Stokkebye 4 th Generation Pipes are accumulation of the four Generation of family heritage in the tobacco business., Eric designed his pipes with his love of Danish-style shapes, which he says are inspired by the flowing, soft curves he sees in the parks and along the rivers where he walks at his home town. He had all his bits hand-cut all from top-grade lucite and crafts a thin, highly comfortable bit, as a thinner bit produces a drier smoke. All pipes are accented with a brass ring at the shank and the name 4 th generation inscribe on it. This is the medium to large size standard quarter bent shape size pipe. The finish is an deep sandblast rich black finish with a brass band. The special curing process makes this pipe very light in weight. The Nomenclature on the shank is: Eric Stokkebye,Demark,. The dimension on the pipe is as follows. Length: 5 3/4 inches Height: 2 inches Inside Bowl Diameter: 3/4 inches Outside Bowl Diameter: 1 3/4 inches Bit: Lucite Grade dark

Final Price: $180.00

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