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ITEM #3960     +The total Vapor Kit with short battery 650 mah Promotion
This is a 3 day promotion. It retails for $59.95. This product, also called EGO TANK, has been developed with new technology of electronic cigarette atomizer and Eliq-Cart. Eliq-Cart is a new generation of the electronic cigarette cartridge which contains only E-Liquid inside without any sponge material. It is safer to smoke without burning of the sponge material. It contains more E-Liquid and provides more effective smoke quantity with the new technology of atomizer. With its high battery capacity, and high capacity of E-Liquid you can smoke much longer. The 650 mah battery will last 8 hours on a single charge. The kit has two e-cig one for backup one to take with you. Also the handy carry that will conveniently pack the items below. THE KIT INCLUDES: 2 TOTAL VAPOR LITHIUM ION BATTERIES 650 mah 2 CE4 CLEAROMIZER TANKS 1 USB CHARGER 1 WALL ADAPTER 1 CARRYING NECKLACE 1 ZIPPER CASE 1 USER MANUAL

Final Price: $47.96

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