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S.T. Dupont

First Dupont Store

Simon Tissot-Dupont and sons Lucien and Andre

First Gas Lighter

Simon Tissot-Dupont founder of S.T.Dupont, was born in Savoy, France, in 1847. A fearless entrepreneur of far reaching insight and imagination.

After a terrible ordeal with his first company, which caught fire in 1872, Simon T. Dupont opens a new business. Making leather briefcases for diplomats, aristocrats and businessmen. Ten years later he becomes the supplier of one of the worlds largest shops - Les Grands Magazins du Louvre, while keeping his private clientele.

In 1920 Simon hands over his company to his sons, Lucien and Andre, who relaunch the “Activity” which, focuses on high quality travel cases and accessories. Highly qualified craftsmen are called upon and patents are taken out to protect industrial secrets. - 250 workers and 17 separate trades are involved in every level of manufacturing: goldsmith, woodworkers, engravers, leathers craftsmen, enamel workers, locksmiths, and so on. They work on the most noble of materials; crocodile skin, gold and silver, ivory and tortoiseshell. Fifteen years later S.T.Dupont begins the use of Chinese lacquer, a rare skill which still today remains S.T.Dupont hallmark. During the war S.T.Dupont creates it’s fi rst lighter, which meets with an almost immediate success. Once peace returns to Europe , S.T.Dupont resumes the manufacturing of travel cases and the first gas lighter becomes the favorite of smokers around the world.

By 1980 the first Dupont Boutique opens in Paris, at Faubour de Ste. Honore, opposite the Elysee Presidential Palace. From 1981 to 1985 the D line is launched. A lacquered lighter, a lacquered watch a lacquered lead pencil, a wrist watch and belt.

From then on, S.T. Dupont creates and launches products for the busy upscale gentleman and lady. From 1990 to 1999 S.T. Dupont modernizes all their product lines, and creates a casual line of clothes for the upscale gentleman. The S.T. Dupont humidor is launched with the same elegance and highest quality control as all their other products.

Between 2000 and 2004 S.T. Dupont enters the Millennium with a bang, launching the X-tend lighter lines, very advanced in technology and design. And by 2005 S.T. Dupont enters the computer world with portable data transfer devices as small as a lighter.

S.T. Dupont Humidor

D Line

X-tend Lighter

Table Top Humidors

Black Lacquer & Paladium

S.T. Dupont Humidors are made with the same care and quality control as its lighters and leather line. Its halmark in humidors is the use of rare woods like Macassar Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood (Tamarindo in Portuguese) and S.T. Dupont’s unparalel Black Lacquer. Also making use of Palladium (a sister metal to platinum) which, is lighter than platinum having about the same density as silver, thus, Palladium is a jewelry metal as well. Palladium in jewelry is primarily used as an alloy with platinum to optimize platinum’s working characteristics and wear properties. Palladium is also used as an alloy in producing white gold.

S.T. Dupont humidors are unique and rare, made in limited numbers for buyers the world over. Stylish and classy, these are beautifully manufactured pieces.

The table top humidors are made to house from 50 to 100 cigars with removable trays , digital higrometers and self regulating humidefires, made using Macassar Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood or Black Lacquer, with Palladium accents.

The insides of both table and travel humidors are lined with Spanish Cedar. Every corner fi ts perfectly and the lids are literaly married to the rest of the box.

Macassar Ebony & Paladium

Black Lacquer & Paladium

Paladium Ingot

Travel Humidors

Black Leather & Paladium

The travel humidors are made to house from 10 to 50 cigars and are covered in the finest black or brown leather with Palladium accents.

The basic job of every travel humidor is to maintain your cigars at an ideal level of humidity for a short period. But no one said you had to travel with a unit the size of your table top humidor.

Simple and elegant, the Small Leather Travel Humidor is the newest model of humidors-to-go from S.T. Dupont. Lighter and smaller than the company’s eather Travel Humidor, this compact unit easily olds one row of robustos vertically or Churchills orizontally, depending on the way you arrange the umidifier. Magnetized and centered in the box, the umidifier rotates and serves as a divider to a row of arying cigar sizes.

Black Leather & Paladium

Brown Leather & Paladium

Black Leather & Paladium

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Accessories | Humidor: Dupont
Accessories | Humidor: Dupont
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